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F.A.Q. | Frequently Asked Questions | Toronto Locksmith

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        Q: My key is difficult to turn, should I force the key until it turns?

        A: Exerting force will likely break the key off in your lock. It sounds like the key you are using has gone out of manufacturer's specifications due
            to excessive wear. Your best course of action is to call a Professional Locksmith to help deal with this situation.

        Q: My wood door is hard to lock, I have to exert a lot of force to get it locked. What's the problem?

        A: Buildings tend to shift and settle. Wood has a tendancy to expand during humid weather and contract during dry weather. This all affects
            alignment of the hardware on your door. Our expert staff can determine a remedy that best suits your specific situation.

        Q: I have heard that WD40© is a good lubricant for locks, is this true?

        A: WD40© is ok to use but most lock manufacturers reccomend using dry graphite as a lock lubricant.

        Q: How do I know if the lock on my door is Master Keyed?

        A: The only way to know for sure is to have a Professional Locksmith disassemble the lock in question. Most apartment buildings in Toronto and
            the GTA are Master Keyed out of convenience to the Landlord or Property Owner. In the event of an emergency only 1 key is required to enter
            any suite in the building. The problem that exists is that up to 32 different keys could operate a Master Keyed lock. We reccomend adding a
            second deadbolt to your Apartment door that operates with only one key.
(416) 429-0075
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