Identification Requirements To Open A Business

Drivers License
Locked Out Of Your Commercial Business Property?

If you find yourself locked out of your commercial business property because of a lost, misplaced or stolen key then we can be of assistance to you if you can meet certain conditions that we require.

You need to be able to produce a recent, valid drivers license that has your picture on it and displays your current address. You should also be able to provide our attending locksmith technician with a recent and valid lease or rental agreement for the property. If you are the actual owner of the property then you would have to be able to show the property title to our locksmith. Lastly you will be required to show us banking documentation proving that you indeed are the actual business owner.

Why Do You Require Identification When It Is My Business I Need Opened?

We receive many calls every year to open up business properties and we must say that we cannot just go ahead and open a commercial property on someone’s say so. That would open our company up to being libel for the contents of the business. We are asked why someone needs to show their personal identification to us if we are opening up a business property on their behalf. We do this to ensure that you are exactly who you portray yourself to be. Someone called us just the other day asking why on earth we would need to see their identification. It’s a very simple concept. Before we begin to do any work on opening a property up we need to determine exactly who you are and we need to be absolutely certain that you belong at the property.

Are You A Landlord Locked Out By A Tenant?

We do from time to time get calls from a landlord who has found himself or herself locked out of a rental property that they own by the current tenant. If you are a landlord who has been locked out by a tenant who has changed the lock or locks on a commercial unit then we can open the commercial unit for you and change the locks to provide you with access to your rental property. We will require identification from you in the form of a driver’s license that is valid, recent and displays your home address. We also require that you provide proof that you do indeed own the building by providing either the title deed to the property or bank loan papers if you are still in the process of paying the property off. The best manner in which to go about handling this situation is to ask the current tenant for a copy of their key. If they refuse to do this then we can help you however, you must get in contact with the local Police station and make them privy to what is being done. We mention this because many businesses have alarm systems installed. Guaranteed just as soon as the door is opened, the alarm will go off if there is one on the premises.

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