More Available Handle Lock Functions

In a previous edition of our blog articles we began to cover off the different handle functions available. Prior, we covered Passage Set Handle Locks and Entrance Set Handle Locks. We will now continue by covering the rest of the different handle functions that are available within this writing of our blog.

Residential handle locks are available in many different styles and finishes. Some of the styles include a Ball Knob, Lever Handle and Tulip Handle to name a few.

Storeroom Set Handle Lock

Storeroom Function Handle Lock

A storeroom set handle lock is used for a storeroom setting and is a keyed entry set. It functions with a key from the outside of the door keeping the contents of the storeroom safe and has a handle on the inside that is always freewheeling. It is not possible to lock someone into a storeroom by accident because the inside handle functions independent of any external conditions. The exterior handle is always locked and it is not possible to leave this type of handle unlocked with this function. This helps to protect the contents of the storeroom.

Classroom Set Handle Lock

A classroom set handle lock is a keyed entry set and is generally used in a classroom setting although it can be used in other situations where the exterior handle is required to be unlocked by a key for any period of time. It may very well be the ideal handle lock to use if you require an interior door on a business property to remain unlocked during business hours and locked during off hours. If the exterior handle is unlocked by a key then it becomes freewheeling as does the inside handle. The inside handle with this type of lock set is always freewheeling.

Bathroom/Privacy Set Handle Lock

Bath/Privacy Function Handle Lock

A bathroom/privacy set handle lock is ideal for use on a bathroom or a bedroom door. Typically these type of handle locks can be disengaged quite easily. You can use an object that is long and thin enough to fit into the access hole on the lock if access is allowed that way to the unlock feature. This poke hole may be located in the center of the knob or possibly on the rose of the lock. A coin like a nickel or a quarter will do the job if the unlock feature allows access in that manner through the center of the handle itself.

Gripset Entrance Handle Lock

A gripset entrance handle lock provides the same basic function as a Passage Set. It merely keeps the door shut and does not provide an actual locking function through the handle. A gripset design is usually a long type of handle that you grip with your four fingers while using your thumb on the thumb press to actuate the lock set. These are available in many different stylings and finishes.



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