What Kind Of Door Stops Are Available?

There are many different types of door stops available in several different finishes and it really depends on the intended application, what will work in any given instance. We will endeavour to cover off as many as possible in this blog post, however, this may be a two or three part blog because of all the different types available.

Door Stops For Wood Doors -Flexible Door Stop
Flexible Door Stop

The most common door stop found in most homes is called a flexible door stop. It is basically a wound meta spring where it’s exterior has been finished, includes a plastic end cap that the door rests against and has a long screw at the opposite end which is driven through the baseboard found on most walls. These are relatively inexpensive and are available at hardware and big box stores everywhere. The installation process is two step in that you really should drill a hole into the base board before driving this type of door stop in by hand. This helps to prevent the base board from cracking or breaking.

This type of door stop will also work affixed to the framing portion of a door. In this instance you would need to drill a hole into the framing portion of your door that is reasonably close to the size of hole required to drive the door stop into the door. Then simply drive the door stop into the framing of the door. We need to clarify a point here. When we say to drill the framing of the door, we are talking about the actual door itself. For those who are uncertain of how a door is constructed, most doors are built on top of some kind of wooden frame that gets encased inside of the door. Do not drill the door frame that surrounds the outside of the door but drill the framing that is a part of the door.

Door Stop For Wood Or Metal Doors – Hinge Pin Door Stop

Hinge Pin Doorstop

A hinge pin door stop is one that can be used with either a wooden or metal type door. As long as the hinge pin is removable then this type of door stop can be installed. The installation of a hinge pin door stop requires thy removal of the top door hinge pin. Knock the hinge pin upward from the bottom and remove it. Once removed the hinge pin goes through the hinge pin door stop and then back through the hinge. This is quite a simple installation process. You will require a hammer and something that is small enough to fit through and push the hinge pin through and out of the hinge. A Robinson Head screw driver will likely fit the bill for this job.

In future offerings of our security blog articles we shall endeavour to cover off more of the different kinds of door stops available in the market place including wall and floor mount types.

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