How Long Before A Lock Needs Replacing?

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A lock usually needs to be replaced after it is worn out and has been used in excess of its normal life expectancy. Locks are rated or graded according to the number of anticipated uses that you will get from a lock set before it starts to degrade and show signs of use.

The lock grades are Grade One, Grade Two or Grade Three.

A Grade One Lock

A Grade One lock is usually the best built and most durable lock available on the market today. It is recommended for use in high traffic applications where durability is an absolute must. Because of their excellent design and long life expectancy, you can expect to pay more for this grade of lock as opposed to the other two lower grades. Mind you, you will get a much longer life from this grade of lock over the other two.

A Grade Two Lock

A grade two lock is perfect for areas that see a medium or moderate amount of use. This is a good choice for an entrance door into an apartment or condominium suite or perhaps a townhouse entrance door. This grade of lock set is the perfect choice for any application where a high volume of traffic is not expected. This grade of lock will tend to degrade more rapidly than the grade one lock but is cost effective in a moderate use application.

A Grade Three Lock

A grade three lock will not provide durability or reliability and is not expected to have a very long life span at all. This grade of lock is usually cheaply built and in the instance of a grade three deadbolt it does not offer a reasonable amount of protection for your property.

Many people see a grade three deadbolt and buy it solely based on the price and not on any other factors. These locks can range in price for a deadbolt anywhere from $7.99 up to $16.99 and more.

When Purchasing How Can I Tell What Grade A Lock Is

The grade of lock is usually imprinted on the packaging associated with the lock. Many consumers buy locks without getting the finer details or bothering to read the packaging that comes with the lock set. There is valuable information contained there that can help a consumer make a better informed decision. The grade of lock that you purchase could drastically affect the security of your property. The simple fact is that the higher the grade of lock, the better protection it will offer through it’s improved design. The more you pay for a lock, the more security features you will find incorporated into the lock set.

For a residential door application we recommend a grade two lock set for durability and the built in security features.

Comparing Grade 2 To Grade 3 Deadbolts

A grade two deadbolt will usually have a hardened and tempered un-crushable ring that goes around the lock cylinder housing. In a grade three lock this ring is usually hollow and easily crushed by visegrips.

The grade two deadbolt is usually supplied with a solid brass lock cylinder. With a grade three type deadbolt, the lock cylinder can be composed of cast metal, plastic or both. Cast metal is very brittle and not durable at all.

It has been our experience that we fail to see much difference between the grade two and grade three bolt associated with the deadbolt locks. As a matter of fact the design between the two is quite similar although there may well be a durability factor associated with it, they both are very similar in design.

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