What Different Handle Lock Functions Are Available?

Many handle locks are available in a variety of different functions each exclusive to a particular setting or application. Not all lock manufacturers produce the many different types but none the less, we shall endeavour to cover all the different handle lock functions so that you may become familiar with what is available at either any of the big box or hardware stores or through a locksmith supply company or a locksmith company.

Passage Set Handle Lock

Passage Set Handle Lock

A Passage Set Handle Lock consists of a spring latch that includes an inner and outer knob. This set does not accept a key and allows passage to anyone at any time, hence the name Passage Set. Just about every lock manufacturer makes this type of handle lock.


Entrance Set Handle Lock

Entrance Set Handle Lock

An Entrance Set Handle lock consists of a spring deadlatch and includes an inner and outer knob. The deadlatch is designed to stop entry by use of a credit card, knife, flat blade screw driver or pretty well anything else that you can get between the door and the door frame at the latch location. If correctly installed the deadlatch will stop the spring latch from being loited or pushed back with an object thereby locking the latch in place. The outside knob is designed to accept a key and the inside handle usually has either a thumb turn to engage or disengage the locking feature of the handle or a push button that provides the same function. Some of these type of locks are manufactured differently. In the instance of a thumb turn on the inside handle, the handle itself can be designed to remain in a locked position from the inside of the door. It can also be designed to be freewheeling, another words, regardless of whether the locking mechanism is engaged or disengaged, the inside handle will turn allowing egress or exit from the room or property. The freewheeling function is both good and bad. this function is good in the sense that it does not hinder a person’s exit from a property in the event of an emergency like a fire. It also has it’s down side in that if you are not paying close attention and you close the door, you could be locking yourself out. This is true of the thumb turn type. If the Entrance Set Handle lock is a push button type then it is always freewheeling. If the button on the inside handle is engaged, once the handle is turned the button pops out and the locking feature of the handle becomes disengaged. You are less likely to lock yourself out with this type of interior handle because you would have to engage the locking feature by pushing the button in.

For the better security of your property you should be aware that and Entrance Set Handle Lock does not offer sufficient protection and should be used in conjunction with a good deadbolt lock to give you the best security possible.

There are several other different handle lock functions that include a Storage Room, Classroom, Bathroom or Privacy type handle locks that we will endeavour to cover in an up and coming blog post.

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