What Is An Offshore Deadbolt Lock?

Offshore Deadbolt

An offshore lock is any type of lock that is not manufactured domestically and is imported to be sold in a domestic market place. This type of lock could be manufactured practically anywhere like Hong Kong, China, Malaysia or just about anywhere else. These locks are usually manufactured to adhere to any local fire codes and are usually available in a number of different finishes.

What Kind Of Quality Do Offshore Locks Have?

The quality of an offshore type lock really depends upon the designer of the lock set and the grade that the lock is. In many instances with offshore deadbolts for instance, we have seen Grade 2 deadbolts available that rival and exceed the specifications of those available that have been domestically manufactured.

Are Offshore Locks Secure?

In the instance of the Grade 2 deadbolt that we are able to supply to a client, there are many security features built in and the durability factor is very good for this type of lock. The quality is definitely in the design and manufacture process.

Offshore deadbolts offer a high degree of protection including an outer slip ring that is made of a hardened and tempered steel and is located beneath the outer finishing ring that goes around the outside of the outer lock facing. The slip ring is crush proof and helps to defeat attacks with ViseGrips. The outer slip ring also sits flush to the door facing making it virtually impossible to pry off of the door by attacking it with a screw driver or a crowbar.

The enclosed lock cylinder is made of solid brass and is a six pin design adding an extra degree of security by making the lock cylinder slightly more difficult to pick open than a five pin type.

These type of deadbolt locks are usually supplied with a fire ring that fire rates the lock. The fire ring is usually removable. The bolt extends a full inch and is constructed to include a hardened and tempered steel core.

The bolt cannot be cut with a saw and it’s construction and design both help to defeat kick in attacks.

Are There Any Special Requirements To Mount This Lock On A Door?

This deadbolt can be mounted to an existing facing hole diameter of 1-1/2 inch or 2-1/8 inch. In the instance of mounting this lock to a 1-1/2 inch hole, the fire ring would definitely need to be removed. If you are doing a new installation that requires the fire ring to be left on the lock set then you would need to drill both door facings with a 2-1/8 inch hole. The diameter of hole required to mount the bolt is one inch.

Our Professional Opinion

This is a good quality deadbolt that is comparable to the features and design of a Schlage B560 deadbolt at a lower price point.

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