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Unable To Pick Lock

If you are a regular reader of our blog you know that we have said this over and over again, eventually a Weiser or Kwikset SmartKey brand lock will cause you to be locked out. If you have either of these two lock brands on your door you should keep our phone number handy in your wallet because you will definitely require our services to open your door when this lock fails. Notice we did not say “if” but “when” this lock fails.

A client gave us a call today because he wanted the front door lock on his new house rekeyed. A smart move because you really have no idea who might just have a copy of the key. When I asked what brand of lock he had, he was not at home when he called to book the appointment so he could not look at the face of his lock and tell me the name. I asked if the cut key that he had which operated the lock had a key blank number to which he replied “KW1”. Kwikset, Weiser and a few other lock manufacturers use this key blank when they manufacture their locks. It is a fairly common key blank. I had my suspicions that this would be a Weiser brand SmartKey type lock and it was.

This type of lock can be rekeyed by the end user and can be done so with the lock still installed on the door. You only require a bit of knowledge, the right tool to change the key with and a new as well as the old key. The way that this is supposed to work is that you put the key that currently operates the lock into the keyway and turn it to the three o’clock position. Insert the tool that came with the lock into the small rectangular hole near the bottom and to the left of the keyway or key hole. As you push the tool in you should feel and hear a click. Keeping the key at the three o’clock position is the trick. Remove the old key, insert the new and then turn the new key past the twelve o’clock position and the lock combination should be set to the new key.

It did not work out with the client’s lock and ended up where neither key would operate the lock. We had to remove the lock from the door, take the lock cylinder back to our truck and using the reset tool supplied by Weiser we set the lock to the factory setting and then changed it to operate with the new key.

After going through this process I asked the client if he knew that the combination could be changed without calling a locksmith to do it for him. He responded that he did know this but was very apprehensive of doing it himself even though he had researched it on the internet prior to calling us. He said that he wasn’t sure that the information he had found out about this lock was 100% correct and knew that there is a lot of baloney on the internet today. That is why he called us and said he was glad that he did after what had happened.

We tried to sell him a really nice and reliable Schlage B-560 Deadbolt and he said that he would give it some thought. I said, “Hopefully you get this troublesome lock replaced with a standard pin tumbler lock before it falls apart internally and locks you out”. If that happens then we will be ready and able to help him get his door open. We made a point of making sure that he has our business card in his wallet for when this does happen, and it will, sooner or later!

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith



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