The Middle Part Came Out Of My Lock With The Key

Lock Plug It’s unfortunate when the plug (middle part of your lock) comes out with the key. Pins and springs tend to fly all over the place and you would be very lucky to be able to locate all those flying parts. This can happen to just about any kind of a lock cylinder, mortise, rim, deadbolt even a mailbox lock cylinder can fall victim to this problem. Lock cylinders can be constructed differently between applications. For instance, a deadbolt lock cylinder can be held in place in a few different ways. Some deadbolt lock cylinders have an end cap that screws onto the end of the lock cylinder plug. It is held in place by a pin and spring combination that is drilled into the back of the plug. There are half circle cut-outs around the inside of the end cap that the pin slides into. This is how the cap is held in place so that it cannot back off. This is what keeps the plug from coming out of the lock. Another type of deadbolt lock cylinder construction is a horseshoe type clip that holds the lock cylinder plug in place. If this clip breaks or falls off then the plug will come out of the lock along with your key. Weiser and Kwikset lock brands use this type of assembly to retain the plug inside of the housing. In the instance of a mailbox lock, the cam on the back of the plug is usually held on by a large nut and washer combination. If this backs out then the plug will come out of the housing. There are also Mortise lock cylinders. These type of cylinders screw into the lock body and are held in place with a set screw. With this type of lock cylinder there is usually a cam affixed to the plug at the back of the plug. The cam is usually held in place by two small screws. If loctite is not applied to these two screws each time that the cylinder is removed and taken apart to rekey then it is possible that over a period of time these screws will back out and fall off. The plug will eventually be removed by the key. Usually there are tell tale signs with all of these different types of lock cylinder plugs long before the plug actually comes out with the key. As things start to loosen off you will notice that it gets progressively harder and harder to remove your key from your lock. Many people tend to yank on the key expecting that if they apply enough pressure the key will come out of the lock. Not so. Doing this you are only making the situation worse. Way before it gets to the point where the lock cylinder plug comes out of the lock with the key, you should really consider having a trained locksmith professional come and perform the service for you. Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith 416.429.0075 This Article is Copyright and may not be re-published without our express written consent.