All About Wafer And Pin Tumbler Lock Cylinders

Wafer And Pin Tumbler Locks

About Wafer Locks

Wafer locks are found in many different applications. Some that come to our mind include mailbox locks, filing cabinets, storage cabinets, garage door “T” handles and desk drawer locks to name just a few applications for these type of locks. The locks we have mentioned here we have also seen available with a pin tumbler lock cylinder as well.

Unfortunately wafer type locks are far too easily circumvented by someone who has very limited lock picking experience and skills. A wafer lock is usually made from plated cast metal and contains wafers of different heights that correspond to the cuts in the key that operates the lock. The more cheaply made wafer lock cylinders we have seen are made of plastic. Yes, we did say plastic! The wafers in these locks are very easily manipulated and someone could manufacture a paperclip type lock pick set that would quickly defeat this type of lock cylinder. The lock body is also made from plated cast metal. Most of this type of lock design uses a cam attached to the back end of the lock cylinder plug. These locks can be anchored in place by either a large nut with a washer behind it or a spring type horseshoe style clip.

About Pin Tumbler Locks

Pin tumbler locks are found in a lot of different applications. These applications include, the deadbolt lock or handle lock on the front entrance door of your house, condominium or apartment. Other examples of the pin tumbler’s use include the ignition in your vehicle steering column or on your dashboard and the mailbox lock found on your mailbox. By far the pin tumbler lock is a more difficult lock to bypass and requires a higher skill set to accomplish this. This is not to say that this type of lock cylinder cannot be defeated. There are many different materials that are used separately or together that make up a pin tumbler lock cylinder. Our locksmith has found any combination of cast metal, plastic or brass that go into the manufacture of a pin tumbler lock cylinder. A solid brass lock cylinder is your very best choice, that is one where the lock cylinder housing and plug are both manufactured fromĀ  brass. A pin tumbler style of lock offers you and your property a higher degree of security.

High Security Pin Tumbler Locks

Available on the market today are high security pin tumbler lock cylinders. These lock cylinders might include hardened and tempered lock pins that are resistant to attacks with drills. They may also include mushroom pins or I pins that give a false positive to being picked. The lock cylinder plug and lock housing could be made from drill resistant tempered and hardened steel. Each manufacturer has their own way of manufacturing their high security lock cylinder and there are definitely differences between the manufacturers. Some manufacturers even include a hardened and tempered ball bearing that is placed in the hole where the crew is inserted to anchor the lock down to the door. This successfully stops attacks with drills at these common lock drill points for the removal of the lock from the door.

So, there you have it. Wafer and pin tumbler lock cylinders revealed in detail.

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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