Identification Requirements To Open A Residence

Accepted Identification

The best form of identification that you can produce to satisfy us would be a recent valid driver’s license bearing your name, picture and the address of the property that you require us to open.

Have You Moved To A New Residence Recently?

If you have recently moved and have not had the opportunity to change your driver’s license over to your new address then there are other ways that can help us to determine if we can open a property on your behalf. If you have a recent tenancy agreement or lease that has your name on it and is signed by both yourself and the landlord then we can accept this as proof of your tenancy. If the tenancy agreement or lease is inside of the property that you require us to open then you will need to be able to produce this document once the door has been opened for you.

Perhaps you have an alarm system that requires an alarm code to disarm the system and are able to enter that code once we open the door for you. We will also accept this as proof that you belong at the property.

Do You Only Have One Key But There Are Two Locks On Your Door?

We must err on the side of extreme caution if you claim that you have the key to one of two locks on the door and somehow, mysteriously the second lock ended up locked. The difficulty that we have with this is that it is possible and not uncommon where a tenant has defaulted on rental payment and the landlord has legally locked the tenant out for non-payment of rent. In that case you would have no legal right to enter the premises and in effect you would be asking us to perform a Break and Enter on your behalf. Due to the nature of our business we must proceed with caution as the liability factor is very high for us in this situation.

Can Your Landlord Vouch For You?

Many people call us and want us to open a property for them because they have just moved, don’t have sufficient identification and have lost their keys. They usually tell us that they can provide the phone number of their landlord or they will have their landlord get in personal touch with us. Unfortunately, we cannot accept this type of proof because we also do not know your landlord. We have to be able to solidly establish that you belong at the property that you are asking us to open on your behalf. A phone call from a stranger will not help to clarify this situation for us or for you. You could have anyone call us and claim to be the landlord and we would not be able to establish that the person calling us is actually the landlord.

I Am House Sitting And Have Locked Myself Out

This truly is an unfortunate circumstance especially if there are pets involved and we can help you however you need to be able to meet our criteria. Since you are asking us to open a property that belongs to someone else and not you then we first need to get the owners permission to open their property for you. You need to be able to get in touch with the property owner and have them take a picture of the front and back of their driver’s license which must display the address of the property you want us to open. They will also need to send to us through either text message or email a letter of consent to open the property, stating the address to be opened, the owners name and your name. this must also be signed and dated by the owner.

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