Help – My Key No Longer Works In My Lock

Key Not Working

If the key that you have for your lock, the one that was supplied and came with your lock from the manufacturer no longer works then there are many different reasons that this could be happening to you.

An older heavily worn key could be the problem. If the key is heavily worn then the likelihood of the bottom pins in the lock cylinder itself being well worn too is very high as well. Many people don’t realize it but a lock has moving parts that mesh together in order for the lock to successfully operate. Your key, properly meshing with the pins located inside of your lock cylinder is crucial in the operation of your lock. Each and every time you insert and remove your key from the lock keyway or key hole you are causing wear and tear to happen on not only the key but the lock pins found inside of your lock cylinder. Over a long period of time the cut surface of the key and the pins inside of the lock cylinder begin to wear down as they work against each other each time the key is inserted and removed from the lock cylinder. Eventually the wear factor on both the key and the lock pins is so great that it get progressively harder to operate your lock. It will likely get to the point where your key completely stops operating your lock. Before it get to this type of situation, maybe it is time to call a skilled professional locksmith technician to help get the situation resolved for you.

You might also have one of those Smartkey type of locks. The type that allows you to rekey or in simpler terms change the key that operates the lock yourself. There is absolutely no need what so ever to call a locksmith to change the key for this type of lock. They usually come from the manufacturer with the instructions and the tool required to change the key that operates the lock but a different key is not supplied and has to be purchased separately. We have provided our locksmith services since 1997 and can attest to the fact that although this type of lock does not necessitate the hiring of a locksmith to change the key that operates the lock, you will eventually need the services of a locksmith when this type of lock fails and locks you out. The design of these locks, made primarily out of brittle cast metal, and portions of the lock interior that include small pieces of cast metal are a recipe for disaster. Usually the cast metal easily fatigues and breaks off. The piece of cast metal falls into the lock and jams it. Your key no longer works and then you definitely require a locksmiths’ assistance to attend at your location in order to get your door open.

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