Schlage B520 Deadbolt Review

Schlage B520 Deadbolt

Schlage Company Background

Schlage has been manufacturing and supplying lock sets to the residential and commercial marketplace for well over a half of a century. They are the industry leader in the manufacture of many different types of door locks and door locking devices and mechanisms for both home and business applications.

About The B520 Schlage Deadbolt

The Schlage B-520 deadbolt has been available for many years and offers sufficient protection in a residential setting. Incorporated into its design are a solid brass cylinder that is usually pinned (set-up) to a 5 pin key however the lock cylinder is usually drilled for 6 chambers allowing a professional locksmith to set the cylinder up to a 6 pin key. Contained within chambers 2, 3 and 4 are mushroom driver pins (also known as top or I pins because of their design). The mushroom or I pins make this lock cylinder virtually impossible to pick. The outer housing that contains the lock cylinder is made of cast metal and is an all one piece design. This is a medium duty residential type deadbolt. It is supplied from the manufacturer either by itself or included along with a gripset. For those unfamiliar with the term “Gripset”, it is usually a long decorative handle found on most house front doors that you grip with your four fingers while pressing on the thumb press to actuate the spring latch lock set.

A much better deadbolt design is the Schlage B560 or B660. Both of these deadbolt models incorporate a slip ring that goes around the face of the lock and stops attacks with visegrips. The slip ring is made of a hardened and tempered steel that cannot be crushed. They are usually supplied with a six pin lock cylinder that is pinned (set up) to a supplied six pin key. These two deadbolt models are both a step above the B520 design. The B520 bolt seems less rugged than the one that is supplied with a Schlage B560 or B660 type deadbolt. The B560 or B660 deadbolt looks like it is a much sturdier design that is much better suited to withstand a door kick-in attack as opposed to the B520 bolt.

If you have a Schlage B520 deadbolt on the front door of your home, condominium or apartment entrance door and the lock is malfunctioning in some way, it can, in most instances be repaired. It may be a good idea if this happens you might consider upgrading to a deadbolt that includes more security rich features like that of the Schlage B560 or B660 deadbolt.

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