Why Bother Getting My New House Locks Rekeyed?


Why Bother Getting My New House Locks Rekeyed. What Could Possibly Happen?

Many people that purchase a new home pay very little, if absolutely no attention what so ever to the locks on their doors and the lack of security they really provide. Have you ever moved into a new house and some of the neighbours are giving you a very knowingly strange kind of look like, “I have the key to your new home”? They have that look because they likely do have the key to your house and it was probably given to them by the previous owner. This may not be such a good position to put you, your family or your property into. At least not initially. After all, your just moving in and really haven’t established any kind of a trust factor with your neighbours. It may be quite some time before you actually meet the neighbours and decide for yourself whether they are trust worth people or not.

There are other reasons to get your new house locks rekeyed. Perhaps the old owners kep a front door or back door key hidden under a flower pot or mat. One day, unknowingly they found themselves locked out and were watched as they retrieved their hidden key. Maybe whoever was watching them get the key out from under the flower pot or mat on that day, returned on another day to take the key and have a copy made for them self. Maybe the previous owners had a baby sitter that just happened to give the key to a boyfriend who made a copy of it.

Also a possibility is that the previous owners may have had children and subsequently a nanny who also had a key. As you can see from this blog post that it is a very real possibility that there could be very many people that have the key which you don’t know about. It could even be a member of the prior owner’s family or one of their friends.

Even if it is a brand new house that you had built you should still rekey the locks on your exterior doors. Perhaps you are not aware about the infinite number of hands that the key to your newly built home gets passed to. Absolutely anyone that had possession of your keys at any point in time could have made copies of your key.

A professional locksmith can help lock undesirables out of your new house for good through the rekeying of your locks. Don’t take a chance with the safety and security of your family, property and possessions.

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