What Types Of Hinges Are Available?


There are many different types of hinges available and the one that you should use really depends upon the application.

For instance, if you have an entrance door that swings outward, that is towards you as opposed to inward then you will likely want a hinge that is NRP. The NRP stands for Non-Removable Pin. That means that there is no access to removal of the hinge pin. For those not sure what a hinge pin does, it is the piece within the hinge that the door pivots on. If you have an entrance door where the hinge is exposed then you don’t want to provide easy access to anyone that is smart enough to show up with a screwdriver and a hammer, tap the hinge pins out of the hinges and get your door open that way. There would really be no point to having a lock on the door if you use hinges that are not NRP.

Storefront type doors that you see in commercial areas of the city use something that is a little bit different. Instead of using hinges they use what is known as pivots. Most commercial doors have a large display type of glass in the door with a very small aluminum frame encompassing it. Pivots are usually located at the very top and the very bottom of the door. Like anything else that gets used a lot, pivots will tend to wear out over time and need to be replaced. With aluminum type doors that use pivots, if the area where the pivot is fastened to is of a different type of metal, other than aluminum and the door is exposed to the elements then it will be difficult if not almost impossible to get the two apart. The problem is, when dissimilar metals are used together and exposed to the elements they tend to fuse themselves together. Luckily there are several ways to repair this type of door. There are aluminum hinges that are available that affix to the face of an aluminum door with non-removable one way screws. These doors can also be repaired by using a continuous hinge like a piano hinge and one way screws.

Interior doors within a house or apartment are fine with a hinge where the pin is removable. As a matter of fact, this can, at times be advantageous. For instance, let’s say that you purchase a larger appliance like an upright freezer and you want to put it in one of your back rooms. When you bought it you thought that it would fit through the door opening. You get it home and find out that it will not fit. Having removable pins on your interior doors has just become advantageous to you. You can buy yourself a little extra space by removing the hinge pins and getting the door completely out of your way.

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