Advantages To Rekeying As Opposed To Replacing Locks

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Some people move into a new house, townhouse or condominium and never give a second thought to the possibility that someone could have the key to their property. They believe that most people are upstanding citizens who would never cross that definitive line between right and wrong, even if they were in possession of a key to someone else’s property. To be quite honest with our readers, locks only help to keep the honest people, honest. Fact is even if you knew the previous owners, which usually is not the case, if you don’t do something to restrict access
to your property only to those who should have it, then you are inviting trouble into your own home. In reality, you have absolutely no idea who might be in possession of the keys to your new home. It could really be anyone from the last owner’s family, a babysitter, a nanny or even a close neighbour you haven’t even met yet. Why risk the safety of your family and property by providing access to your property to these strangers?

What To Do?

There are really two different ways that you can go on this. You can take the time out to run down to the big box or hardware store of your choice and buy all new locks. This could cost you more than hiring a professional locksmith service to rekey all of your locks. If you are mechanically inclined then you might just be able to do it yourself. We should warn you that there are many variables involved and unless you thoroughly understand the principals, it is possible that you may just fail.

Just A Few Things To Consider

Most homes have a gripset on the front door. A Gripset is one of those long handles that has a thumb press associated with it. The thumb press, when depressed, actuates the spring latch and retracts the latch into the door. In every instance that we have seen, these gripsets are supplied with a deadbolt in the matching finish to the Gripset. Most are not aware of the costs involved in replacing a Gripset. You may find it difficult to purchase a deadbolt that will match the gripset that you currently have on your front door. Depending upon the style of gripset that is on your door, a replacement can cost you anywhere between $160 and $300. Then there is the knowledge to put it all together and the time you will have to dedicate to get the job completed.

The absolute best value for the money with the least amount of headaches for a new home owner is to have your locks rekeyed by a professional mobile locksmith service. It will save you a considerable amount of money and aggravation and provide you with the peace of mind that both you and your loved ones deserve.

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