A Glossary Of Locksmith Terms

Locksmith Glossary Of Terms

Keyed Alike Locks

These are two or more locks that have been set up to operate with the same key.

Master Keyed Locks

This would be a group of locks, usually in an apartment building, condominium or office building that have been set up, each to work with an individual key (called a change key) and each individual lock is set up to work with a Master Key as well. This group of locks could also be divided into separate different groups allowing access with a different master key for each individual group but still allowing access to each and every lock through a Great Grand Master Key.

Lock Rekey

This is the disassembly and removal of the bottom lock pins in order to facilitate a key change. Another words, changing the key that operates the lock to a new and different key. When this process has been completed, the old key will no longer operate the lock.

Lock Installation

This is preparing a door by drilling the necessary holes to accept a new lock.

Lock Replacement

This is the removal and replacement of a lock that is currently on a door.

Master Pins

Master pins are pins that are inserted in the chambers of a lock that allow more than one key to operate the lock.

Panic Bar or Crash Bar

This is a push type bar that is installed across the width of a door that, when pushed from the inside of the door facilitates a fast and easy exit from a premises.


This is a term used to signify that someone who is renting a property is being evicted from either their home or business location. This is usually due to non-payment of rent.

Locked Out

A term used to describe someone who cannot gain entry to their residential or commercial unit because of a lock malfunction, lost key, broken key or any other reason that they cannot get their entrance door open.

Deadbolt Lock

This is usually a lock that is located above the handle you turn to open your door. Depending upon the design of the lock, it may a part of the handle lock or be completely independent of it.

Key-In-Knob Lock

This is usually a handle set that accepts a key. These are available in residential or commercial grades and come in several different styles. Ball knob, lever handle and tulip handle are several of the many styles of handle locks that are available. These lock are also available in several different functions of lock like, entrance and classroom to name a couple.

Cylinder Plug

A cylinder plug is the portion of the lock that accepts a key.


A keyway is the opening in the plug that allows a key to be inserted. Many people refer to this as the key hole.

Lock Cylinder Housing

The lock cylinder housing is the piece that encircles the plug. It usually contains lock pins and springs.

End Cap

The end cap is actually a screw on cap at the end of the plug that stops the plug from being pulled out of the lock along with the key when the key is removed.

Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder consists of the plug, the housing and the end cap.

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