Why Some Locks Cannot Be Picked

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When locks are manufactured and the chambers are drilled to accept the combination of spring, top pin and bottom pin they are not drilled in a straight row or line. They are manufactured this way so that the lock can be picked. If you understand the principals of the art of picking a lock it will become much clearer to you. When someone attempts to pick a lock, what they are doing is trying to trap the top pin of each chamber at the shear line. The shear line is an imaginary line within the lock that happens when all the top and bottom pins line up inside of each chamber usually when the correct key is inserted into the lock. When this happens the cylinder plug is free to turn. This usually happens when either the proper key is inserted of the lock has been successfully picked open. If each chamber of a lock was drilled in a straight line you would only ever be able to trap one pin at the shear line and the lock cylinder would never pick.

We have provided our mobile locksmith services for over 16 years and have found, in our experience, that there are some locks that just cannot be picked regardless of what your lock picking skills and abilities may be even if you spend all day trying to get the lock picked open. You could be the very fastest and very best lock picker on the planet but there are some locks that you will have zero success with. Perhaps the manufacturer did not offset the chambers inside of the lock well enough to provide the ability to pick the lock.

Most high security locks cannot be picked. The way that they are designed lends itself to them being pick proof. Most high security lock cylinders are designed with more than one locking point. Many have what is known as a Sidebar. A Sidebar is a second locking point on a high security lock cylinder. There are lock pins associated with the sidebar that need to be pushed to the right level before the sidebar can fall into the plug and the plug be able to turn. The correct key will have the exact millings required on the side of the blade in order for the sidebar to fall into the lock plug and the plug be able to turn.

Some people want to have a go at it themselves, that is they try and pick their own lock before calling for the assistance of a trained and skilled expert locksmith technician. In our experience, we have found that in most instances this type of person tends to make a bad situation even worse by breaking things off inside of their lock. We have removed, bobby pins, hair pins, safety pins and broken hacksaw blades to name just a few items we’ve found broken off inside of a lock.

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