What Does The Number On My Lock Mean?

Lock Code

In some instances you may have a lock or possibly a key that has a number punched into it. Some keys may have a number that is raised off of the surface of the key head. The numbers and the way that they are on the key all mean different things.

A key that has a number punched into it could possibly be a code which if looked up will indicate the key blank used to cut the key as well as the depth of each cut in the key. This is commonly called a key code. Locksmiths use the aid of a computer and key code computer program to get the correct information for the key code that will enable them to cut a key for you.

Respectively, as some keys have a code that designate the key blank and depth of each cut in the key, locks sometimes also have a code punched into the face of them that enables a locksmith to cut a key for the lock. This makes the process much easier to make a key unless there are many manufacturers using the exact same key code.

This is especially true for file cabinets, lock boxes, desk locks, mailbox locks, storage cabinets, cash registers and many other locked enclosures. If you have an item that you have lost or misplaced the key for and the lock displays a code number then look for a locksmith shop in your area that cuts “Keys By Code”. You can have them make keys usually without bringing the item with you to the locksmith store. Please note that in some instances there may very well be 5 or 6 or even more, different items or manufacturers that employ the very same code. If you do not intend to take the item with you to the locksmith shop then it may be a wise idea to write down as much information as you can about the item. Don’t forget to also write down the key code. It might also be a great idea to call ahead to the locksmith shop you are going to go to that will make you the key and tell them what the code is. They can likely tell you over the phone if there are many different lock manufacturers that use the same code or not. They can also tell you what information if any that they will need in order to manufacture a working key for you. Some locksmiths will require that you bring the item that you need keys made for into the locksmith shop because there are far too many manufacturers using the exact same code.

If the item you need the key manufactured for is too large or too heavy and cumbersome to move like a five drawer file cabinet or a lock up cabinet of some sort then it may be wise to book a service appointment with the locksmith company and have them come to your home or business location to manufacture a key for you.

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