Don’t Close The Barn Door After The Horse Has Left

Just Built House

So you go ahead and buy your dream house. It is a house that you have built from the ground up, to your exacting specifications. It usually takes months to build and sometimes even longer. As the house is built there comes a time when the walls and floors have been completed and the windows and doors have also been installed. Usually, at this point in time the locks go on your new doors but there are still many tasks that the builder requires be taken care of before you are finally handed the keys to your new home.

The anticipation of moving into your new home can in most instances be overwhelming and things are easily over looked in the hustle and bustle of getting ready to move. It unfortunately is very easy to overlook the security of your new house. After all, if you are the first people to live in the house, why on earth would you need to rekey or change the key that operates your locks.

Many don’t consider that during the building of a new home, the key to the property gets passed through many hands as each trades person enters the property to perform their trade. It is possible that at any point in time, the key to your new house could be duplicated by someone that will use it in the future to break into your new home and relieve you of some of your more expensive belongings.

If the builder is developing an area then all the locks in that specific development will likely be set to a Master Key. When handing out the key for your new home to trades persons the developer will usually provide them with the Master Key. The Master Key will allow the workers to gain access to each and every property in the new development usually through the front door using only one key. This should be alarming to you!

Considering that a lock which has been Master Keyed is easier to pick than one that has not, and the fact that anyone could have made a duplicate copy of the Master Key at any time during the building of your new home it is best to have your locks rekeyed by a professional locksmith company. We can cut 32 different keys that can operate a lock that has been Master Keyed. What we have revealed to you here is the cold hard facts about the entire situation.

If you want to better protect your family and have the peace of mind that you rightfully deserve then you should have your locks rekeyed by a professional mobile locksmith service. If you don’t then you are inviting trouble into your home. If your property gets broken into by someone using a key it will be exactly like closing the barn door after the horse has left. Rekey your locks, stay safe and don’t become a victim. No one wants to feel violated in their new home.

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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