What Does Lock Rekey Mean?

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It is always an excellent plan to hire a professional mobile locksmith service to attend to your new property be it home or business in order to have your locks rekeyed. If you’ve ever lost your keys, had them stolen or your purse or wallet stolen along with them then you really should play it safe and get all the locks on your doors professionally rekeyed. If you and your spouse are going your separate ways then it is a great idea to have your locks rekeyed.

A professional locksmith technician usually has a lot of experience in rekeying locks. The locksmith removes the lock to be rekeyed from the door. Then he or she proceeds to disassemble the lock so that the bottom pins of the lock can be changed out to correspond with a new and different key. Some lock manufacturers make 5, 6 or 7 pin lock cylinders so every bottom pin would need to be changed in order to facilitate a proper key change. The whole idea is to change the key that operates the lock so that the old key can no longer operate the lock.

There are several different lock designs available to consumers and with some of them you change the key through quite a different process. For instance, the manufacturers named Kwikset and Weiser make a lock set that is known as a smartkey type lock. They have given the consumer the ability to change the key that operates this type of lock without needing the assistance or the added cost of hiring a professional locksmith technician. With this type of lock, all that you require to change the key is the tool that was supplied with your lock and a new and different key. That’s it! Sounds simple but we should warn you that these locks have had their issues. Their poor design has lead to many homeowners needing the assistance of a professional locksmith technician to get their door open. These locks are prone to failure and we do not recommend the purchase or use of them. Many consumers think it’s the next best thing until the lock fails and they find themselves locked out and in need of assistance. These locks have been troublesome since they were first introduced to the market and continue to be so because there has been no improvement in their design since they were first manufactured.

With a standard pin tumbler type lock cylinder, the lock cylinder requires disassembly in order to change the key that operates it so this is quite a more involved and different key changing process compared to the Weiser or Kwikset smartkey type locks.

If you want to get away from the problem riddled Smartkey design, there are many other lock manufacturers that produce a standard pin tumbler type of lock cylinder. These manufacturer brand names include, Gatehouse, Schlage, Taymore, Yale, Defiant, Dorex, LSDA (Locksmith Dealers of America) and Baldwin to name just a few and there are more.

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