How Many Locks Should I Have On My Door

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We are asked this question time and again. How many locks should I have on my door?

Some people believe the more locks they have on their door, the more secure their home is. They are not really looking at the big picture at all. You’ve likely heard the saying, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”. This is a very true saying that applies in this instance as well. If you believe that the only entrance into your house is through the doors then you are grossly misinformed. Have you considered how secure the design of your windows is? What about that sliding door at the back of your house? Many houses have a sliding door at the back of the house as a rear entrance. If it is secured only with the lock that the door was originally supplied with then this is an easy entry point for break and enter artists. If this is the case with your home then the number of looks on your front door doesn’t really matter at all and is a moot point.

Many people are of the opinion that more is always better and in a lot of instances this may very well be true but not when it comes to door locks. A lot of people figure the more lock point that are on a door, the more difficult it will be to gain entry through that door. This is a great theory. We have had people call us who already have three or four locks on their door and want us to install even more. We never dispute the fact with a potential client because we believe that the client is always right.

We do however, try and school our prospective clients so that they are better educated in order to make more informed decisions about the security of their family and their home. What many are not aware of is that in the instance of the number of locks on your door, more is not necessarily better security for your property, your belongings or your family. As a matter of fact, as you add more and more locks to your door this actually tends to weaken the edge of the door making it easier to kick your door in. Give this scenario some thought. Each time you add a lock to your door it is necessary to drill a hole through the inside and outside facings of your door as well as down the edge of your door to accept the bolt. The more holes you have down the edge of the door, the less sturdy the door edge becomes. Remember that you are removing a portion of the frame that the door is built around each and every time that you drill another set of holes to install another lock.

After explaining this to our prospective clients, those that want to continue in spite of our recommendation not to we will still accommodate them by doing the installation. Most will grasp the concept and understand that it is actually weakening their door with each additional lock that is installed.

Our own professional recommendation is, aside from the handle that is used to enter your premises, the maximum number of other locks should be limited to two deadbolts.

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