How To Replace A Wood Exterior Door With A Metal Door

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If you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) kind of person who has never dealt with purchasing and installing a residential type metal replacement door then this guide will help you to accomplish that. There are a few considerations and measurements to be made.

If you are hanging a door from scratch we recommend that you install a deadbolt and handle for your best protection. A from scratch scenario requires less measurements and you do not have to special order a door. Pretty well any door that is in stock will fit the bill as long as it is metal and within the confines of the height, width and thickness of the door you now have. It also needs to be the correct handing.

A Brief Guide On Determining Door Handing

If you are standing outside of an entrance or room and the door swings away from you, if it is hinged on your right it is a “Right Handed Door”. If the door is hinged on the left and swings away from you then it is a “Left Handed Door.

If you are standing outside of an entrance or room and the door swings towards you and it is hinged on your right then it is a “Right Hand Reversed Door”. If the door is hinged on the left and swings toward you then it is a “Left Hand Reversed Door.

If you are not well versed in lock set installation then you will want to take a pass on installation and buy a door that is already prepared to accept a deadbolt and handle. In many instances the big box stores carry pre-fabricated replacement doors that only require that the lock sets be mounted to the door. If you are replacing a wooden exterior door it is best to buy a metal replacement door. These are usually supplied with a metal frame and already hinged. They are the very simplest doors to hang.

With this type of door simply measure the thickness of your present door along with the size of the door opening. Another words, measure across the door opening from frame to frame, also take the measurement from the top to threshold of the current door frame. Also measure the thickness of the door as well. Provided you have one of the standard door widths heights, and thicknesses, the metal door should slide right into the existing frame, it’s supplied metal frame and all.

Once you have managed to fit the frame into the opening, mark the two areas of the existing frame and prepare to drill the two points that will accept the bolt and spring latch going through the metal frame. You will need to remove the frame from the opening in order to drill these two points. If the opening is wood then you can use either a 1″ Spaded Bit or a 1″ Hole Saw. If the opening is metal then you will need to use a 1” Bi-Metal hole Saw.

Once accomplished, fit the metal frame back into the opening and drill the screw points with an appropriate sized drill bit. Then it is a matter of driving screws through the eyelets in order to hold the frame in place. Use 2-1/2 inch wood screws. This will secure the door into the frame. If the frame is metal then you will have to drill and tap the holes into the existing frame and use the corresponding metal type machine screws.

Congratulations, you have just replaced your door. If your old exterior was wood then you have just added a little extra security by installing a metal door.

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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