I Am Having A Hard Time Getting My Key Duplicated

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There are several reasons that you could be having a hard time getting your key duplicated. The very first thing that comes to our mind is, you are trying to have a high security key duplicated. In most instances you can run down to the mom and pop convenience store, the hardware store or big box store and get the key copied. Not so with a high security key. None of the store types that we have listed previously will have access to the key blank. In some instances a standard key cutting machine will not be able to duplicate the key for you. You will need a specially designed key cutting machine that is specific to a certain company in order to cut their keys. This holds true with a lock manufacturing company like Medeco where the machine that they have to cut their keys is not a duplication machine. It only cuts original keys and is a lot different than a conventional key cutting machine.

Another reason that comes to mind is that you’ve gone to a hardware store, big box store or mom and pop five and dime to have a key duplicated only to find out that they carry just the most common key blanks for the most common locks. The best way to get a key duplicated like this one is to locate a professional locksmith shop and have them cut the key for you.

If the key that you have is a copy of a copy that was a copy of the original, then this may be far too many generations of keys being duplicated. It is always best to have an original key on hand when trying to make duplicate keys. The original key will definitely always make the best copies for you. An original key will likely have a 5 or 6 digit number impressed into it. These numbers represent the combination of the cuts in the key and the very best way to tell if you have an original key.

Wear and tear is another factor that can affect your ability to have a key successfully duplicated. That is, not just wear and tear of the key itself but also the lock cylinder and specifically the bottom lock pins. If the lock is old and has a lot of family members using it on a daily basis then it may very well be time to rekey the lock. If the lock keyway or keyhole is worn to the point where it is difficult to set it to a new key that is within manufacturers specifications then it may very well be time for you to replace the lock. A professional locksmith could assess the situation and give you some great advice.

Here’s something else to consider. If you go to a mom and pop store, a hardware store or any big box store, who is setting up their key machine? A 15 year old kid who had a 2 minute crash course on how to set one up? A key machine does need to be properly set up and maintained in order to produce reasonably accurate keys. As you can see from this blog post, there are many variables involved that will determine whether you will get a key that will work or not.

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