My Keys Are Locked Inside My House

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This happens more often than you want to believe and it only takes a split second. You open your door, go outside, even for a brief second and the wind comes along and slams your door shut. If you have a handle lock that is in the locked position or you have a night latch that is not loited to the open position then it is very likely that you are now locked out. If you have another door unlocked that leads into your home or business then you are ok. If you have given your house key to a neighbour or friend and they are available to open your door then you are ok. For those unfamiliar with the term “loit”, it means to push back.

If you are lucky, you may have an alternate way back in, perhaps an open window you can crawl through or maybe you’ve hidden a key somewhere outside. If you are renting a house or even a basement apartment then perhaps if your landlord does not live too far away he or she may be able to come and open your door for you. If you live in an apartment building and you have a nice superintendent then they may open the door for you. If you are renting or live in a Condominium or Townhouse then you may be able to get the Concierge (if you have one) to open the door or perhaps security can help you out that way. Failing any of this you are pretty well stuck calling a professional mobile locksmith service technician for help. Depending upon the time of day, you might be waiting for some time before a locksmith can attend to your call for help. City traffic congestion and bottlenecks due to road construction can certainly add to your wait time for service.

Do you prefer your baloney with or without mustard?

There are those locksmith companies that claim that they respond to your call within 15 minutes. What they really mean to say is that they will be on their way to your location within 15 minutes of you hanging up from your call with them. It doesn’t mean that they will arrive where you are within 15 minutes. That is not realistic. Their 15 minute response time just helps to muddy up the situation and is nothing more than baloney. It’s the same as their claim that their service charge is $15. They neglect to provide you with the big picture and it usually costs you way more than you thought it ever would. Did you really expect to save a whole bunch of money because these characters claim to be willing to work for next to nothing? If a claim for low rates or fast response time sounds unrealistic or unreasonable then guaranteed you are going to wait a while for service and it’s going to prove to be very expensive for you.

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