Why Lock Your Doors And Windows?

Deadbolt Locked!

With the summer upon us now it is always best to check and make sure that all doors and windows at street level are secured up tight before retiring for the evening. For quite some time now the news media has been reporting prowlers on the loose that are preying on the fact that it is warm outside. Many people who do not have air conditioners leave windows open over night trying the best that they can to beat the heat. This is an open invitation to break and enter and to theft. Police are reporting a rash of burglaries because people are not being vigilant in keeping their ground level doors and windows locked.

In different pockets of Toronto and the GTA women have been awakened by a thief or burglar that has gained access to their home either through an open window or an unlocked rear sliding door. Some unfortunate women have been sexually assaulted and this can be avoided. There are ways to protect yourself against this criminal element.

Entrance doors should be properly secured using a good grade of deadbolt. A Key-In-Knob, handle type of lock just does not offer a very high degree of protection and security. As a matter of fact, a poorly installed handle type lock can be easily loited open using a bank card or credit card. For those not familiar with the term “loit”, to loit a lock open is to use a credit card or some other device in order to push back the spring latch and open the door. Keyed entry handle sets do usually come supplied with a deadlatch. The deadlatch is supposed to stop someone from opening the lock with a credit card but if it is not installed correctly it will not be able to perform its task of keeping someone out.

If you only have an entrance type keyed handle lock on your door then you really should consider the addition of a deadbolt for your added protection. Most newer or remodeled homes usually have a glass sliding door as a rear entrance door to their house. Some accept a key others do not. The evening news has reported that on numerous occasions, a burglar has gained entry through a glass sliding door that was not locked. Obviously someone is prowling the neighbourhood looking for an easy mark, that is, an unlocked door. There are keyed locking devices that can be installed that incorporate a drop bolt which will make it impossible to get your sliding glass door open and they are relatively inexpensive. Many of the big box and hardware type stores carry this and many other locking devices for all of your doors and windows. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to secure up sliding windows as well as sliding entrance doors then we suggest making use of an old broken hockey stick or a broom handle. Simply cut it to size and lay it in the track that the door or window rides on.

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