Can One Key Work All Of My Locks?

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Can one key work all of my locks is a question that we are frequently asked. At the same time, many customers also ask if having all of their locks on the same key poses any kind of higher security risk as opposed to having the locks all on different keys. The answer, quite simply is, no it is no higher risk to have the locks all on the same key. As a matter of fact, when we have put all of a client’s locks on one key they usually enjoy the simplicity and convenience of it. Once completed the client is relieved of the task of playing find the right key for the lock. This is a game that we guarantee, you won’t miss at all.

As far as one key working all of your locks, the ideal situation would be to have the same brand name of lock on all or your doors. This is usually not the case in most instances but, there are many different lock manufacturers that use the same type of key. This is true between brand names like Weiser, Kwikset, Yale, Dexter, Dorex etc. Although with some manufacturers they use more than one type of key blank in their manufacturing process.

What you can do to try and determine if all of your locks can be set to a single key is to take one of your keys and see how many of your locks it will fit into. The key will likely not operate all of your locks but you should make a list up of the ones that the key will fit into.

Here’s a little background on locks and what locksmiths commonly refer to as a “Keyway”. If you grasp the head of any key and turn the tip of the key shank towards your face you will notice that there is a specific pattern formed by the millings that are down both sides of the shank of the key. If you put two keys together and look at them side by side you may notice that they either are a duplicate of each other, completely opposite or not similar to each other in any way. If you have two keys that have the same pattern at the tip of the key, you may also find that one may be a little bit thicker than the other.

We have pointed out this fact because even though the keys are the same pattern and different thicknesses, it is still possible for a professional locksmith company to set both locks to the same key. This can be accomplished by using the thinner key blank for both locks.

They say that knowledge is power. Now that we have empowered you with this knowledge it should help you to better assess your situation. Therefore, if you have two keys where the pattern is the same but one is thicker than the other, use the thinner key to see how many of your locks it will fit into. This will determine how many locks can be set to one key and how many you will have to replace in order to accomplish this.

If you have decided upon replacing your locks then some hardware and big box stores carry locks that are keyed alike. We hope that this article contains information that has provided educational value for you to help you be a better informed consumer.

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