How To Install Or Repair A Gripset

Gripset With Matching Deadbolt


Although you may not be familiar with its proper name you will likely realize that you already have one on the front door of your home once we have described it’s design to you. A gripset is basically a long handled passage type lock, usually five inches in length or more that is actuated from the outside of the door with a thumb press and on the inside of the door with a ball or lever type handle.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term “passage lock” it is basically a lock that does not require a key to operate it with. You simply turn the handle, or press on the thumb press to actuate the lock’s spring latch and it provides keyless passage.

There are many different lock manufacturers that supply gripsets to the marketplace. We have yet to see a gripset available without a deadbolt lock being included. They are always supplied with a matching deadbolt to be aesthetically pleasing. Lets face it, most homeowners want the hardware on their door to match.

If you are having issues with the gripset on your door, depending upon the problem, you may be able to repair the lock. Some of the big box and harware stores do carry replacement spring latches for several of the larger gripset manufacturers. With these gripsets, sometimes it is not the gripset that is causing you the problem but the deadbolt itself that was supplied with the gripset. Again some of the big box and hardware stores also carry replacement bolts for the major manufacturers. When looking for replacement lock parts, it is always a good idea to call ahead to a big box or hardware store to see if they stock the item you are trying to replace and if they do then to find out if it is in stock.

Some manufacturers like Gatehouse are now supplying electronic deadbolt locks along with their Gripsets. For those not familiar with electronic locks and missed our blog posts on them, please visit Gatehouse Single Cylinder Electronic Deadbolt Review and also see Weiser PowerBolt Review or Which Electronic Deadbolt Lock Should I Buy?. Pricing varies for this type of lock depending upon manufacturer, lock style and lock finish. The pricing also differs among big box stores and hardware stores alike. If the gripset is supplied with an electronic deadbolt ten expect the pricing for this lock to be considerably more money than one supplied with a standard single cylinder deadbolt.

If you do not have a gripset on your front door but are contemplating installing one then there are several things you should be aware of before buying one. Your door facings should be prepared with a 2-1/8 inch hole to properly accept the gripset. Both the gripset spring latch and the bolt portion of the deadbolt that is supplied with the gripset usually has an adjustable backset for the two most common backset measurements, 2-3/8 and 2-3/4 inches, 60mm and 70mm respectively. Some may wonder just how you would go about finding the drill point on your door for the bolt through at the bottom ofr the handle. The easiest way that we have found to locate that drill point on a door is to first install the spring latch down the door edge. If there is only a single screw holding the bottom of the handle to the door and the screw goes through the front of the handle and door then install the handle as per manufacturers instructions, drill the hole exactly where it lands on the door and drive the screw in to hold the handle in place.

If the bottom of the gripset handle is attached to the door by a screw that enters through the back of the door then there is likely a portion of the gripset where the screw is located that will go into the door once the appropriate sized hole is drilled. To find the location of this drill point, simply place some lipstick on the end of the portion of the handle that accepts the screw through the door. Install the spring latch through the door edge and secure with the supplied screws. Then line up the lockset so that it is level and will properly fit through the spring latch. Press the lock handle up against the door taking care that it is level and make your drill mark with the lipstick. Use a center punch to ensure that your drill bit will not wander and then drill out to the size required.

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