How To Repair A Deadbolt Lock

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You find yourself in a situation where the deadbolt lock on your door is either difficult to operate or nearly impossible. Most want an affordable answer to the nagging problem of do I just put the money out to replace my deadbolt lock or can it be repaired with a lot less expense. The answer to that question is not really a defined answer. It really depends on a few factors which we will endeavour to cover in this edition of our blog, so, here we go.

The first and foremost question in everyone’s mind is, are there still parts available for the deadbolt that I have. You have to realize that parts may no longer be available for your deadbolt lock because the company no longer manufacturers that particular style. Parts may also no longer be available because the manufacturer has closed up shop or gone completely out of business. The latter is true of a company like Dexter that has been out of business for at least 5 years or longer. You would be hard pressed to be able to locate any parts for Dexter deadbolts or other styles of locks that they manufactured. Another company that went out of business was Weslock, a California lock manufacturer that has since been resurrected. At the time of this writing we are not certain that parts are readily available for their older lock lines. You would have to contact them directly to get an answer to that question.

In some instances, it may be virtually impossible to get exact replacement parts to help mend your deadbolt lock, but it may still be possible to be able to repair it yourself. If you have any deadbolt locks that were removed from your door because of problems they developed in the past, you may just be able to Frankenstein a lock together from the parts you now have. Lock manufacturers do have specialized parts incorporated into the design of their locks to force you to buy parts from them, however, a discerning eye can be used to scope out just the right part to get the job done for you. If you have many different locks that have been removed from your doors over the years then you could be in luck and actually have the right replacement part on hand to be able to perform the repair. Failing that, some of the big box and hardware stores do carry replacement parts for several different manufacturers. You could also try sourcing out parts on the internet to see if you can find anyone selling the exact part that you require.

If none of our suggestions have come up with a solution to your dilemma then it may be time to either hire a professional locksmith to repair or replace the lock. If you have an aptitude for using tools and understand mechanics and mechanical parts then you could always buy a new lock and remove the old lock and mount the new lock to your door yourself.

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