What Is A Rim Cylinder?

Rim Cylinder Applications

A rim cylinder is a lock cylinder that is most commonly associated with a tilt-up garage type of door lock. It can also be found in other various applications as well depending upon the design of the lock. The type of locks that are most commonly associated with a Rim Cylinder are a “Night Latch” or a “Jimmy Proof Deadbolt”. It is called a “Rim Cylinder” because it actually has a rim that it sits on when affixed to a door. There is usually a finishing ring that the rim cylinder sits in.

The rim cylinder is usually manufactured out of cast metal which is a relatively inexpensive manufacturing process. This in turn makes these locks readily available at very affordable prices at most big box and hardware type stores. Not all rim cylinders are made from cast metal as they are also manufactured from solid brass but are more expensive because of the higher cost of the materials and the manufacturing process itself.

A rim cylinder is somewhat similar to a Mortise cylinder and some lock cylinder manufacturers have incorporated the Rim and Mortise lock cylinder into one. If you have read our previous article about CX5 Mortise lock Cylinders then you will already a basis of understanding this concept. For those that have not had the opportunity to read our article about the CX-5 lock cylinders, here is a brief rundown of what they are.

A Mortise lock cylinder is a lock cylinder where the outer circumference of the cylinder has a thread cut into it. Basically the cylinder “screws” into the body of the lock and is held in place by a set screw. On the other hand, a rim cylinder body does not have a thread cut into the outside diameter of the cylinder. A rim cylinder is actually sandwiched to the facings of a door by screws that go through a supplied backing plate and screw into pre-drilled and threaded holes in the back of the lock cylinder.

Some manufacturers are now seeing the value in manufacturing a dual-purpose lock cylinder and locksmiths are happy that there is one less item that they have to stock in their stores and their vehicles.

A rim cylinder can not only be found in tilt-up garage door type locks but also in many of today’s standard deadbolt lock designs. Rim cylinders are usually associated with surface mount locks. A surface mount lock is one where the lock body is mounted to the inside surface of a door. It is usually fastened to a door with 4 long wood screws. The only hole drilled through the door is to accommodate the rim cylinder. In the case of a Night Latch or Jimmy Proof Deadbolt, the face of the rim cylinder is the only thing exposed on the outside facing of a door.
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