Why Does My Key Have A Number On It?

Key Codes

Your key could have a number punched into it for several different reasons. It might be a code number that enables a professional locksmith to make a key for you.

This is especially true for file cabinets, lock boxes, desk locks, mailbox locks, storage cabinets, cash drawers, cash registers and many other locked enclosures. The key for most of these items will have a code number stamped into its head.

Respectively, if you have an item that you have lost or misplaced the key for and the lock displays a code keys can be made for you. You need to locate a locksmith shop in your area that cuts “Keys By Code” then you can have them make keys usually without bringing the item with you to the locksmith store. Please note that in some instances there may very well be 5 or 6 different items or manufacturers that employ the very same code. If you do not intend to take the item with you to the locksmith shop then it may be a wise idea to write down as much information as you can about the item and don’t forget to also write down the key code. It could very well be a great idea to call the locksmith shop you are going to that will make you the key and tell them what the code is. They can usually tell you if there are many different lock maufacturers that use the same code. They can also tell you what information they will need in order to make a working key for you.

There are other reasons that a key might have a number stamped into it. Manufacturers of residential and commercial locks usually stamp a 5 or 6 digit number into the head of their keys. In most instances this is not a key code but more than likely the actual cuts in the key, that is, the key combination. This true of many lock manufacturers including, Schlage, Weiser, Dexter, Yale, Kwikset, Defiant, Ilco and many other lock residential and commercial lock manufacturers. The key might have something like “637292” punched into the key head. Since there are 6 digits in this key combination then there would be 6 corresponding chambers, each holding the correct pins for each cut. If there are the numbers “65483” punched into the key head then this would mean that there are 5 chambers that are loaded with pins inside of the lock.

Another reason that a key may have a number stamped into it is that it may be a change key that is part of a master key system. What is a change key? It is usually a key that allows the limited access to one suite, room or area in a building as opposed to a Master key that will usually gain entrance to a majority of the suites, rooms or areas of a building. A change key is a way to control access to certain areas of buildings for certain people. A change key might have something like “AA236” hand punched into the key head.

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