Choosing A Security Home Alarm System Provider

With so many different security home alarm system providers on the market today it can be difficult, to overwhelming to even impossible to decide on what system is right for you. It is not an easy task but you first must decide what type of system you would like to have perhaps you don’t even know what you need. If that is the case then your best course of action might just be to speak directly to a security specialist that can help guide you through the selection process.


For those who are going it alone and not quite sure of what they need, we present a basic rundown of what is available and you can choose what best describes your immediate needs and concerns.


There are different home alarm security systems available in the market place including, monitored and unmonitored systems. Here we will cover the monitored home alarm system.


A monitored system is one that is usually watched over by a large company similar to ADT. They monitor the installed system for any security breaches. Their system is set up to include a keypad type control panel that is used for more than arming and disarming the security system. It can also provide warnings for any doors or windows that are not properly shut. Each entry point into your home is equipped with sensors. They  send a signal back to the monitoring station when the system is armed and the security of your property has been breached by a door or window being opened. Many companies can alert local law enforcement agencies of the situation at your property but most will contact you directly by telephone before calling your local police force. They do this out of courtesy to you because you may not be aware of this fact but Police respond to many false alarms every year. If you have enough of these at your property, they will likely either stop responding to your alarm or they will start charging you a fee for each false alarm that they have to attend to at your home.


The monitored security system may or may not include the supply and positioning of cameras in the interior of your house that have motion detection. These systems are usually more expensive to buy, set up and maintain. Some of the larger companies that want your business will either forego the cost of the supply, set-up and maintenance of the system or will charge a nominal fee of somewhere around $99 just to have you as their customer. Of course there is a catch as there always is and it’s likely that you will have to sign-up for a one, two or three year term in order to get the package.


All in all, a monitored system is the way to go for total protection of your property. Many home alarm system providers will have a drive on just around the beginning of summer and then just before the holidays at Christmas time to try and get new customers. These times are usually the best to sign up because they usually offer bonuses for you to sign up.


Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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