Reducing The Risk Of Break In To Your Vehicle

It is no surprise to most when their vehicle, be it their car or their truck gets broken into. Most people have a feeling of violation somewhat similar to their home being broken into. There are steps that you can take to help decrease the likelihood of your vehicle getting broken into and possibly stolen.

Here we offer some tips that will help you to park your car or truck securely in public areas and deter break and enter and theft.

Do not leave money exposed to anyone that looks in your vehicle from the outside. It doesn’t matter how much money it is. Even loose change is an invitation to break and enter into your vehicle. Some that break into vehicles think that if you leave loose change lying around then there could be more elsewhere.

When exiting your vehicle make sure that all your windows are rolled up tightly. You are inviting a break and enter artist into your vehicle if you leave a window open even a crack. Do not help these people get into your car or truck.

Never leave your keys in the ignition and leave your vehicle running while going into the store. It may very well be the last time you see your vehicle.

Before leaving your vehicle, lock all doors and make sure they are all securely locked by attempting to open each door individually to be certain it will not open.

If you are parking at night, try and locate a well lit area to park in that is busy with vehicular as well as foot traffic. Thieves will try and locate a vehicle that they can work on in the dark. The more secluded for them the better. Don’t give them the opportunity to turn you into their victim.

Do not hide a spare key anywhere inside your vehicle, like a glove box. Also do not use a magnetic type key box to hold your key to the underside of your vehicle. Many vehicle owners make that mistake and then their vehicle gets easily broken into and possibly stolen.

Thieves are always looking for new ways to enter into vehicles quietly and almost undetected. They are now using a spring-loaded punch to crack your window and then all they have to do is push the glass into your vehicle and open the door and they are in. This makes very little noise and draws absolutely zero attention to them.

Remember, do not to leave money or other items of value exposed because this is an invitation to break and enter. If you must carry valuables with you and you are driving a car the best thing to do is to lock those valuables away for safe keeping in your trunk.

Security Article Written by: John Farquharson


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