Scorpion CX-5 High Security Lock Cylinder Review

High security locks were designed to meet and exceed the requirements of those who desire a higher degree of the security for their home or business property.

In this article we will review the Scorpion CX-5 lock cylinder and the security that it can provide in a residential or commercial setting.

The Scorpion CX-5 lock cylinder is designed to replace a standard lock cylinder across multiple applications. Available application replacement include, Key In Knob (KIK) cylinders, standard deadbolt cylinders, large format Medeco cylinders, large format Schlage cylinders, small format Best cylinders as well as standard rim and mortise cylinder applications. Their different cylinder designs accommodate various deadbolts, knobs, leversets, exit devices and padlocks.

The security features that the Scorpion CX-5 lock cylinder offers includes multiple locking points, hardened steel pins resistant to drill attacks, a patented sidebar which makes the lock cylinder resistant to picking and bumping.

The various settings that these lock cylinders are being used in includes residential, institutional, commercial and industrial applications. The CX-5 keys can only be cut by an authorized dealer and only for a person that can produce a control card.

In an earlier blog post we reviewed the Schlage B-560 deadbolt. The Scorpion CX-5 deadbolt lock cylinder can be used in conjunction with the Schlage B-560 deadbolt in order to supply the end user with a higher degree of security not only through the design of both but also the total control over the number of keys available for that lock cylinder.

The Scorpion CX-5 key blanks are protected by a patent and a strictly enforced key control policy that includes geographic management of all keyways which in turn prevents the widespread distribution and availability of the CX5 key blanks.

The CX5 security groove on the blade of the key interacts with the sidebar locking point in the cylinder. When the correct key is inserted into the keyway, the sidebar falls into place and the key can turn the plug.

A Scorpion CX5 key cannot be duplicated at just any facility that cuts keys. It can only be copied through the locksmith or locksmith company that supplied and installed the lock cylinder. In order for duplicates to be made, the card holder would have to present their card prior to the duplication process. In our opinion, the Scorpion CX5 line of lock cylinders offers complete control over the cutting of keys which in turn offers a higher degree of security and protection for your home or business property.

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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