Can You Make Keys For Any Vehicle?

There are many different vehicle ignition systems and door lock type keys on the market today. They all have their signature names like JMA Key, Bianchi Key, Stratec Key, transponder key, chip key, smart key, remote key, computer key, remote control key and there are very many others.

Our mobile locksmith service is able to come right to your location and can make keys for most domestic and foreign manufactured cars, trucks and minivans. From late model vehicles to most classic cars, we are able to produce ignition and door keys.

Vehicle manufacturers are making ignition systems that differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Sometimes even a single manufacturers’ model lines will be different as well. Some using older technology and some newer.

There are many manufacturers and many different ways to open and start a vehicle these days. Some use a Key FOB while others use a numbered keypad system and then there is the conventional key type lock. They all accomplish the same thing, either getting your door open or starting your vehicle.

Pricing to make door and ignition keys vary between locksmith companies and the type of locking system can drastically affect the cost for our clients. In order to provide automotive locksmith services a locksmith company must invest a lot of money in order to be able to make keys, especially for the later model vehicles.

Each manufacturer is different which means that in many instances that specialized tools may be required in order to manufacture or duplicate keys. The cost of these tools is sometimes astronomical in price and it may take the locksmith company a long period of time just to cover off the cost of these tools. As the technology is ever evolving, what was available last week is now this week’s new thing and it requires new tools. Clients don’t understand the costs involved and then blame the locksmith company because of the high prices.

In reality it is the auto manufacturers that are to blame for the excessively high cost of key duplication. It all stems back to the equipment and tools required to even just duplicate a key for a client never mind make a key from scratch.

Each year the automotive manufacturers bring out some new door lock or vehicle ignition system. All locksmiths providing mobile auto services have to adapt to the new system in order to continue to provide good service for their clients.

Due to the high cost of supplying these services, many locksmiths have stopped serving the auto sector just because of the ever changing landscape of automotive locks and locking systems. They literally find it hard to keep on top of it all. However, some still do and ours is one of those companies.

Can we easily make keys for any vehicle? Quite simply put, no, it takes time and considerable difficulty to accomplish this feat in many instances with today’s vehicle locking systems.

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