Schlage B-560 Deadbolt Review

There are very many different deadbolts available through big box, hardware and retail outlets. Of these deadbolts available, there are several different materials that they could be made from. The plug is the area that accepts your key and the housing is the area surrounding the plug. We’ve seen either or both of these parts made of brass, cast metal or even plastic. The best made standard type deadbolt locks have a lock cylinder that is manufactured using brass. The Schlage B-560 Deadbolt is no exception.


The Schlage B-560 Deadbolt is a grade 2 residential type deadbolt that many use as a commercial deadbolt because of its excellent design. This deadbolt is not available through your normal retail outlets and can only be bought through a locksmith or locksmith supply house.


The Schlage B-560 is a very solid design and there are many different security features built into this deadbolt. The features found within the design include lock cylinder housing and plug are made of brass. The plug and housing are of a 6 pin design. This means that they are usually supplied from the manufacturer keyed to a 6 pin key. Most other locks are manufactured to include only a 5 pin key. The extra pin in this design makes this deadbolt a little more difficult to pick open.


There is a tempered and hardened slip ring that encircles the face of the lock. This effectively stops attacks with crowbars because it sits flush to the door. It also defeats attacks with ViseGrips. With the cheaper manufactured deadbolts this ring is hollow. It is easy to crush down this ring to the point where you can actually get a grip on the face of the lock, apply brute force to break the screws off and gain entry to a property. Not so with the Schlage B-560 design because of the
hardened and tempered slip ring.


When the deadbolt is fully extended it protrudes out from the lock body a full inch. This bolt also has a hardened and tempered center core which effectively stops saw attacks. It is impossible to saw through this deadbolt bolt.


The design of this deadbolt allows removal of the standard lock cylinder.
This deadbolt lock will accept many of the high security lock cylinders including Medeco and Scorpion CX-5 to name a couple. This can turn this mild mannered lock into a high security lock with key control if required.


The bolts that are supplied with this lock that bolt through the door are heavier duty than most locks, measuring 1/4 inch in diameter. the face of the lock also has a hardened and tempered steel plate immediately below the finishing plate on the face of the lock. This helps to prevent attacks with drills.


This is a very well built deadbolt that Schlage did not skimp on it’s design one bit. We highly recommend this deadbolt for the protection of your home. Although the Schlage B-560 Deadbolt is more expensive to buy, there is a wealth of security features built into this deadbolt to help keep your property better secured. Remember, you only get good quality if you are willing to pay for it.


Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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