My Keys Are Lost Can You Help Me

In most instances we can and will help your situation out very quickly. The first thing that we must establish prior to our offer of service to you is, do you have the legal right to enter the property that you want us to open for you?

Time and time again, we get calls from people who are locked out but have no way of establishing their right to enter the property they want us to open. The big issue we have with that is our own liability. If we open a property up for someone who does not belong then we can get sued by the rightful owner of that property.

Many tell us that we can get in touch with the property landlord and that would be well and fine if we could only establish, over the phone, that the person on the other end of the line we are speaking to is indeed the landlord. In this type of situation we have to err on the side of overly cautious.

If you can establish your entitlement to enter the property then we can definitely help your situation. The very best way to establish this is to provide our attending locksmith technician with a valid Ontario drivers license that displays the address of the property you need us to open.

Perhaps you have just purchased a new town home, house or condominium and lost the only key provided to you by your lawyer. Obviously, if you have just taken the property over then you would not yet have had the chance to have the address changed on your drivers license. In this case we would be willing to accept the word of the realtor that sold you the property, over the phone. Of course, to justify this end, the phone number you provide us with would have to correspond with an advertised phone number on a publicly viewable website.

We also receive calls from people that are house sitting for a family member, neighbour or friend. They call us because they either lost the keys to the property or perhaps they have locked the keys inside. This is a truly unfortunate situation to be in especially if there are pets involved that need to be fed and watered. We do however, still have to make sure that the property owner is aware of the situation and that they give their consent for us to open up their property, on their behalf for you. In this instance we would need two things from the property owner. They would need to send a text or email to us of their consent to have their property opened up for you. They would also need to attach a photograph of the front and back of their drivers license along with their letter of consent to their text message or to the email message they are sending to us.

If you do not fall under anything set out in this article then we still may be able to assist you, for example, if there is an alarm that requires disarming once the door is opened, or, perhaps you have a recent, valid rental agreement or lease you can present upon the opening of the door. Why not call us and let’s discuss your situation and the manner in which you can satisfy our requirements for opening the door for you.

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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