Excellent Travel Security Tips

Some simple steps can help to keep you from becoming a victim of theft while travelling. During the summer months when people are away from their homes while on vacation the incidence of home burglaries goes up.

ADT reports that during vacation times burglars have a field day breaking into poorly secured homes while people are away on vacation. Apparently there is a break-in occurring once every 15 seconds. That is very high and if not secured properly you can become a victim at home or while out on the road vacationing.

While On The Road

Keep all valuable items out of sight especially if you are parked somewhere and going to be away from your vehicle for a considerable amount of time. Leaving things in plain view is a direct invitation to theft. A thief can smash you car window and be gone with your valuables in seconds flat.

A car trunk is usually the very best place to store and hide your valuables. As they say, out of sight, out of mind. It’s likely that if a thief can’t see any valuable items that are in your car, truck or minivan then they will continue on to greener pastures elsewhere. This will save you from having to replace a broken window. It can be costly and depending on your insurance deductable, may not be covered at all.

While Away From Your Home

Have a neighbour, friend or relative come by and check up on your property daily if possible. Ask them to pick up your mail. This is one clue that thieves use to determine if anyone has been at a house recently. While away on winter vacation hire a neighbourhood kid to shovel your walkway every time it snows. If away for a period longer than a week during the summer, hire a neighbourhood kid to mow your lawn every 5 days or so. This will give the appearance that someone is home even though they are not.

Something else you could do is to have a friend or relative house sit while you are away. There are also many professional house sitters that are available for hire.

When you are getting ready to go on vacation you should make a check list of items that need to be looked at before you leave. Some items should include making sure that all windows and doors are locked and if you have an alarm system, make sure that you arm your alarm. Many people leave on their vacation, get a considerable distance away from their home and then they begin to wonder if they turned their alarm system on or not. It’s not going to do you much good if it is not armed.

We sincerely hope that we have empowered you with some excellent travel security tips. We hope that you experience peace of mind and a worry free, safe and enjoyable summer or winter vacation.

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