Help To Keep You And Your Car Secure

In recent years the incidence of car jacking has increased so it is a good idea to ensure that your doors are always locked and your windows are closed, even while driving.

When you leave your car unattended you should make sure that the windows are all completely closed and all of your doors are locked. It is always a great idea to circle your car once when leaving to ensure that all doors are locked and windows closed.

For your own personal safety you should also circle your vehicle when you return. This may very well reveal anyone that might be hiding in the back seat and could very well save your life. If you see anyone hiding in your vehicle, immediately leave the area and call 911 for help.

Never leave any valuable items exposed that could be stolen quickly by breaking a window. Do not leave your wallet or any money in your vehicle. With the high incidence today of identity theft it would be a prudent move on your part to always carry your wallet with you.

If it is absolutely necessary to leave belongings in your car then you should lock the items in the car trunk. If you own a minivan or a truck then hide items under your seats and make sure that they cannot be seen through your windows from outside. Cell phones and laptop computers can be easily stolen and sold fast.

High end vehicles are quite popular with car theft rings and they can be stolen to be shipped in one piece to a country offshore or stripped down and sold for parts. If you own one of these vehicles then you should buy the best car alarm system available on the market. The nicer the ride, the more care that needs to be taken to keep it safe.

We cannot stress this point enough, if you have a garage, lock your vehicle in it and do not hide any vehicle keys inside of your vehicle either. Then you are just asking for it to be stolen.

Many people who own a house will leave their keys in close proximity of their front door. Not a good idea at all. If your house gets broken into it is likely that they will also steal your high end car as well. If you have a home safe then lock the keys in there, otherwise, when you go to bed, take your keys with you into your bedroom.

Following the tips we have provided will help to keep your vehicle much safer from theft.

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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