How To Repair A Door That Is Hard To Close

There are many different reasons that you could be having difficulty in closing your door. If you reside in an area that actually experiences the four different seasons and you have a wood door then you may find that during the dry season that your door is easier to operate. In the damper seasons your door may be more difficult to open and close. A wood door can expand and contract during the different seasons and this could cause issues for you.

In an area where you do experience the four different seasons then it is possible that the structure of your building has shifted and settled. This usually results in alignment issues between your door and the frame that surrounds it. You may experience the bottom of your door crashing into the threshold of your frame. There are other causes of this issue as well. When this happens you usually have difficulty operating your door locks like your deadbolt and handle. This is because the alignment of the locks to the plates on your door frame have shifted.

If your door and frame have shifted to each other but your wood door still closes properly and only the alignment is out then you can re-locate the plate so that the deadbolt or handle lock will once again pass through it. To repair this situation on a wood door frame you need to remove the strike plate associated with the lock in question. See if the bolt or spring latch will fall into the hole. If it will then you need only relocate the strike plate. If you need to relocate any hole in wood, simply cut the heads off of golf tees and drive them into the existing holes with a hammer, then drill your new holes.

If your door does not close properly then it is time to have a look at other parts of the door. First and foremost, check that the screws that hold the door to the frame are tight. Check the screws on the edge of the door as well as the frame. If they are loose then use the appropriate screw driver to tighten them up. This may be all you need to do in order to resolve this issue. You may find that when you try to tighten some of the screws on either the door edge or door frame that they continually spin and never tighten up. This means that they have been pulled out and will never tighten.

The information about golf tees that I’ve provided you with can come in really handy if you have a wood door or a metal door with a wood frame where the screws on the hinges have been pulled through the wood. Simply cut the head off of a golf tee and then drive it into the hole with a hammer. Then re-drill the hole and drive the screw back in. A golf tee is an excellent way to fill round holes because it is round and made from hardwood. This will definitely make you look like a professional to your family and friends when you do this.

If you do this for each screw that is pulled through and will not tighten, when you are done this process and all the screws are tightened into the door edge and the door frame, you are likely to see a marked improvement in the alignment of your door to the frame as well as the locks to their respective holes on the frame.

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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