I Am Locked Out, Can You Help?

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I am locked out. Can you help me? That really depends on several things. First, what are you locked out of and why are you locked out? Did you lose your key, break your key off in your lock or perhaps someone stole your key?

Every year we get many calls from individuals claiming to be locked out and we can certainly help you depending upon the circumstances and if you can meet our criteria.

We’ve heard all of the stories before. I don’t have identification to I’m house sitting for a friend and locked myself out and every excuse in between. We’ve had people call us saying that we can call their landlord to verify that they live there. Only problem we have with that is, how do we establish that it is actually your landlord that we are conversing with over the phone? After all, we don’t know you or your landlord from the next person.

Some call us and want their door opened and tell us that they just moved to the address about 2 or 3 months ago and haven’t had a chance to let the government know of their change of address on their drivers license. Are you aware that in the Province of Ontario, for the purposes of your drivers license, you are required by law to disclose your new address to the government within 7 working days of moving?

In most instances we don’t know who or what the situation is that we are dealing with. We need to establish that you actually belong at the address you want us to open. We have to be satisfied that you are entitled to be at the property you want us to open for you.

The best way to prove that you reside at the property is to show us a valid driver’s license that has the address that you want us open on it. We are still gambling that you live at the address when we open it for you since we may not have the entire story. Perhaps your landlord has legally evicted you and you are trying to hire us to open the property for you so that you can get your belongings out.

Just as the landlord has to go through the due process of the court system to have you removed from his or her property, you must also follow the eviction rules. The system allows you to remove your property from the premises usually within 72 hours of an eviction and at a predetermined time agreeable to both the landlord and you.

As you can see, it is impossible for us to help you if you cannot prove that you reside at the specific address that you want us to open. If you have proper identification then yes, we can help you.

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