When Should I Have A Locksmith Rekey My Locks

Lock Rekey

Lock Rekey

To begin with, a lock rekey is basically changing the key that operates your lock. That means that your lock will be set to operate with a new and different key. Once the job has been completed and the old key will not be able work the lock.

There are many reasons that a residential or commercial client might want to change the key for their locks. A professional locksmith can help you in the lock rekey process. Here we offer quite a few scenarios that we feel would warrant a lock rekey, basically changing your key to effectively lockout someone.
Lost Key

If you have lost the key to your home or business then this might be a good reason to change the key that operates the lock on your door. There is absolutely no point in leaving it to chance that someone may be able to enter your premises. Why tempt fate?
You Have Lost Trust With Someone That Has A Key.

Perhaps there is a baby sitter or nanny that has a key to your home and you’ve decided for your own personal reasons that it is time to let them go. Maybe you have an employee that you are letting go and he or she has the keys to your store, shop or business. It is always a smart move to have a professional locksmith come in and rekey your locks.
You And Your Spouse Are Parting Ways

If you and your spouse are parting ways and there is the possibility of a threat to life or property then it is a sound idea to hire a locksmith to change the keys that operate your locks. Spousal lockouts are very common these days and we provide this service to our clients in unmarked trucks to protect their privacy.
You Are About To Move Into A New House Or Condominium

It is a good idea to change the key that operates your doors. You just never know who might be holding a copy of the key from the last owners. Even if it is a newly built house it is best to have a key change happen. While the house is built that key passes through many hands. Can you really trust that no one has made a copy of that key? You will definitely have better peace of mind knowing that any old keys that are still floating around out there will definitely not unlock any of your doors. If you are a business person who is changing locations then you would be smart to rekey or change the keys that work your locks. Once again you would have absolutely no idea what so ever as to who might still have a copy of your key.
Your Home Or Business Has Has Had A Break In Occur

If your home or business location has been broken into and there is no sign of physical damage to your door or door frame then it is possible that a key was used to gain entry. Another possibility is that the burglar picked your lock to open your door.

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