How To Protect Your Vehicle At Home



Many vehicle owners take for granted that when their vehicle is at their home that it is safe. This is not always the case. As a matter of fact your vehicle could be just as vulnerable to theft on your property as it is off of your property.

There are a lot of people who feel that when their vehicle is in their driveway that it is protected. Nothing could be further from the truth. You should park your vehicle in your garage at all times, even during the day. Vehicle theft can occur at any time of the day or night so play it safe and park inside of your garage with the garage door shut tight and locked.

If there is a door that allows access to your garage from the outdoors then you should ensure that this door is also locked. This will not only help to protect your vehicle but also anything you may be storing inside of your garage as well. If your garage is piled full of your belongings then now might be a good time to sort through things and make room for your vehicle.

While parking your car in your garage is a good idea, it is not enough. You should also lock all your vehicle doors and check them all to ensure that they are indeed all locked.

A good idea is to have the best car alarm system that you can afford to buy for your vehicle, installed. Find out what features are available among several alarm systems and then make an educated choice when buying a car alarm. Some offer transmitters that can help in locating your vehicle if stolen and others have motion sensor detectors and many have a silent alarm mode as well sending out a warning to the owners remote. You need to decide for yourself what the best alarm is that you can afford for your application.

You may also want to display some kind of sticker on your front and rear windshields advertising the fact that your vehicle is equipped with an alarm system. This could make a would be thief stop and reconsider trying to break into and stealing your vehicle.

There are many people who are locking up their steering wheels these days with a J-Bar lock. This type of lock is applied to the steering wheel and locks into place with a long bar that goes down to the floor of the vehicle. Even if a thief could get your vehicle started, he would not be able to drive it away because the extension bar on this type of lock would not allow the car to be steered.

Some people have a fuel cut off device installed while others have an ignition kill switch installed. These are also available as features on some of the higher end vehicle alarm systems.

We hope that the tips we have offered here help to keep your vehicle safe from theft and break and enter.

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