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New Home

New Home

You’ve just bought your new home. Perhaps you are a first time buyer. Here we present some handy tips on how to make your new property safer and better secured. You can provide peace of mind for your family and yourself by following our security suggestions. You’ll be glad that you did.

You get the new keys to your new home from your lawyer. One would assume it is time to start moving in. In your haste and the excitement of owning your new home, many aspects of the safety and security of your property and family may be unintentionally overlooked. This holds true more so when it is the very first house that you have bought.

Before you arrange to start moving your belongings and your family in, there are some security considerations to think about. What first comes to mind is, do the doors and windows that the house currently has provide adequate security? Do you think they are of good quality or do they need to be replaced? A good idea would be to contact a security professional and hire them to come out and asses your property to make helpful and educated recommendations.

A trained security professional, like a locksmith, can certainly help make your home far more secure for you and your family. One of the main concerns are the locks on your doors. Do they provide an adequate degree of security or do they require replacing? If they are a reasonable quality are they also in good condition? If there are any issues with the locks, can they be repaired or do they need to be completely replaced? Do all of your external doors have deadbolt locks on them? These are all questions that a trained security professional can answer.

If you are not the very first owner of the house or even if you are, at the very least and for the protection of your family and property, consider having your locks rekeyed. With a newly built home the keys get passed around even more than an older house and there is plenty of opportunity for anyone like a contractor or trades person to have the key duplicated. Something else to consider is that the front door lock is more than likely Master Keyed. If this is the case, more than 20 different keys could unlock your front door. Not a very secure situation to have your family in. A Master Keyed lock can also be picked a lot faster than one that isn’t. A trained and experienced locksmith can help by changing the keys that operate your locks and removing any Master Lock Pins that are found. This will lock anyone out that previously held a key and only one key will operate your lock.

The last owners family and friends and just about anyone in the immediate community like a neighbour, nanny or babysitter could possibly have the key to your new home. That is why it is best to at the very least, change the keys for the locks through a process called lock rekeying. This is your most cost effective alternative to buying brand new locks.

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