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Schlage Electronic LockThe battery operated electronic style of lock has been on the market for several years now and they are beginning to gain in popularity. Deadbolt and locking handle versions are both available and many are becoming more reasonably priced. Just like anything else, the more that are sold, the faster that the market price will drop.

The two main manufacturers of electronic locks are Schlage and Weiser. Both are slightly different in their design but accomplish the same thing.

Let’s first have a look at a Weiser PowerBolt. The electronic portion of this lock is quite well designed and is very reliable and durable. Where this lock lacks is in the poor design of the deadbolt lock cylinder. The mechanical portion of this lock operates just like any other deadbolt, through the aid of a key. Unfortunately, this lock comes supplied from the manufacturer with a Smart Key type lock cylinder. The poor design of the lock cylinder lends itself to failure more often than not. The cylinder is made of cast metal which is prone to fatigue and failure and this is it’s design downfall. We do not recommend this lock for this very reason.

Schlage also manufactures an electronic deadbolt and the electronic as well as the mechanical portions of this lock are very well designed. This lock will also accept and function with a key externally but it does so in a slightly different manner. On the exterior face of the lock there is a thumbturn somewhat similar to the one that can be found on the inside of your door. When the correct key is inserted and turned in a clock wise direction, the cylinder falls into the lock and the thumbturn on the outside engages and allows the bolt to be pulled back manually. The design and durability factors are quite good and we would most definitely recommend this style of electronic deadbolt to all of our clients.

As we shoot ahead into the future, even something so simple, that most people take for granted like their lock is continuing to evolve. As new technologies emerge they add to the performance and overall reliability through newly available features of electronic home type locks. Recently, Schlage has introduced their new line of electronic deadbolt lock called Nexia. This brand of lock actually allows you to remotely operate the lock through your IPhone. With the aid of an internet connection, this type of lock can be remotely operated just about anywhere in the world that an internet connection is readily available. Not only can you lock or unlock your deadbolt remotely through the internet but you can also check to see what state the deadbolt is in. Is it currently locked or unlocked?

This is a really handy lock to own especially if you have gone away on business or for a vacation and you have someone house sitting. If they lose the key you have given them or they lock themselves out then you can still provide them access to your home. Remote control of the lock is available only if you have an internet connection available. This makes it a real asset to own this type of lock.

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