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Locksmith Call Back

Locksmith Call Back

The late, great P.T. Barnum once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute”. In Toronto and the GTA it is getting down to sneaky, underhanded, and downright dirty tricks by competing locksmith companies who are desperate to get your business and your money in their pocket. They advertise in half-truths and make the price sound so incredibly low that it will suck you right into their vortex, or will it? Don’t be a sucker!

We have had many clients who have pondered about whether or not to use one of these locksmith companies that advertise a rediculously low price. Then they come to their senses and they call us instead. When you call Toronto Locksmith there are no “Hidden Costs” and no double speak. We give you a fair and reasonably sound idea of what the costs will be associated with any job you enquire about. We are an A+ Accredited Better Business Bureau member and stand behind our services and what we sell.

When you call us, there is no answering service. No one says “I will have a locksmith call you back”. A “Real Locksmith” answers your call every time. If they tell you that they are going to have a locksmith call you back this should be a major “Red Flag” to you. It means that you haven’t really called a locksmith company at all. What you have called is a crafty website designer who contacts a locksmith, who in turn, calls you back. Sound confusing?

Basically, your name and contact information is being passed around. Does this make you feel uneasy? It should! With the amount of identity theft going on these days and not knowing who you are dealing with can be a scary thing. Here you thought that you were calling a local locksmith company only to find out that it is some type of answering and referral service that may not even be in Canada. The web developer is taking a percentage of the cost of the job right off of the top of what they are charging you. This may even increase the total cost of the job to you so that the locksmith doesn’t lose any money in the process. Every one wins except you.

If they insist on taking your credit card number over the phone, you should refuse and look for another locksmith company that does not do this. When we book a call, we do not ask for your credit card number we only explain our accepted payment methods. The only time your credit card is brought up is when the job has been completed and you intend to pay your bill in that manner.

Their’s is a very well thought out scheme where everyone makes money and the cost of the job to the client usually increases. When a locksmith company advertises that it is a $15 service call there has to be a catch. With the price of gas these days, the gas alone will cost them at least $15 round trip. Think about it. How are they making any money and staying in business? The only way is through hidden costs that are revealed to you at the completion of the job. Your bill is definitely going to be a real shocker.

Although the price may initially look very attractive to you, what it will cost you in the end could be 20 to 25 times more than you expected to pay. As far as we are concerned, that is no bargain at all. Be a wise consumer and do your homework before hiring any service at all.

Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it is!

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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