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Scorpion High Security

Scorpion High Security

Do you feel that there are way too many of your keys floating around out there? Do you feel that you need to get better control and more of a grip over who has the key to your home or business?

It is sometimes hard for a business or home owner to grasp just how many people have the key to their business, store or home property. There are several options that are available to you and your budget will determine the best choice for you.

The first option available to you is to call a professional locksmith to come to your place of business or home and supply and install new locks. This could be an expensive way to go for you. There are more cost effective methods to get this accomplished.

Another option exists where you can hire a locksmith company to rekey your locks. This is a service that a locksmith performs to change the key to a different key for the locks you currently have. This is by far the most cost effective manner in which to proceed whether for your home or business.

There is also a third option available to you. You can hire a locksmith to supply and install high security locks for your residential property or for your commercial business property. This type of lock is by far the most secure option. A high security lock offers complete key control. One of your employees or a family member cannot have the key duplicated without your consent.

Anyone that has the key can’t just walk into a hardware store or key cutting kiosk and ask that a duplicate be made. The normal retail outlets where you can get a key duplicated would not have the key blank. They would also not have access to the key blank to facilitate cutting the key for you. Generally speaking this type of lock is impossible to pick, drill or bump open. In many instances a high security key can only be duplicated on a special type of key cutting machine. The key cutting machine would be specific to the lock manufacturer.

It all comes down to what you can afford. You should keep in mind that even a high security lock will provide average security on a door that is easy to defeat. If your door is made of wood and has wooden panels that can be kicked out then you will be wasting your money with high security locks. In this instance, high security locks would not provide any more protection than a standard lock, that is, unless you are willing to change your door to a much sturdier metal type door. Your windows are common entry points as well. If they are easy to open then you would also be wasting your money on high security locks.

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