Why Choose A Better Business Bureau Accredited Company?

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

The BBB is the Better Business Bureau. There are very few locksmith companies in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area that are A+ accredited members of the Better Business Bureau. We are one of those companies.

A Better Business Bureau member is a business owner that is sworn to uphold a specific code of business ethics. The BBB provides consumers with an avenue of complaint and an avenue to set things right when they are not satisfied with the services or goods provided. Are you aware that if you are not 100% satisfied with the services that any company has provided for you that you can lodge a complaint against that company even if they are not a Better Business Bureau member?

When you deal with an A+ Accredited BBB member you can rest assured that the services provided will be impeccable and any goods provided will have a full warranty as specified and provided for by the manufacturer. As a member of the BBB we always stand behind the services we provide and the goods we sell to our clients. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards by standing completely behind our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

You as a client and a consumer can expect to experience the best mobile locksmith services coupled with some of the lowest rates in the Toronto and the GTA area. Many others claim a $25 or even $15 service call rate but can you really trust them to get the job done properly for you and at the quoted price? We firmly believe in truth in advertising and we are always completely up front in regard to questions asked about costs associated with the jobs we perform.

Try asking a $15 or $25 locksmith company about any additional costs that are over and above their advertised price and see if you get a runaround or the straight goods on their pricing. We are willing to bet you will get the runaround. There is absolutely no company on this planet that can survive charging these ridiculous prices and stay in business. There has to be a catch, a way for them to make more than their advertised price and there usually is.

When you call us for a quote we can provide different pricing scenarios just in case the job requires a little bit more than was initially expected. We can provide you with a worst case scenario quote in the event that there is more to the situation than meets your description of the problems you are experiencing. Any locksmith company that has been in business any reasonable length of time should be able to provide you with a best and worst case scenario quote over the phone.

If the company that you have called cannot furnish you with a quote then they are either inexperienced and don’t know how to quote a job or they do not want to disclose to you their actual charges for the job you need performed. In either case you should continue to search for a locksmith company that is forthcoming with their charges.

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