Tips To Buy A Keyless Access Control System

Keyless Access Control

Keyless Access Control

There are many keyless access control systems on the market today and the right system for you really is dependent on the application. As a locksmith business we get many calls every year from homeowners that would like one of these systems installed in their home. These are not the type of keyless access control systems that are used in a residential setting. These are designed to be used in commercial applications.

There is much confusion among consumers who want a keyless entry lock for the front door on their home. That is different than a keyless access control system. A keyless entry lock for the home is also an electronic device. It allows for a pass code to be punched into a key pad on the outside face of the lock. The Keyless Access Control System can be used with a keypad access code just like the electronic lock. Where the two differ is that the Keyless Access Control System also employs a proximity sensor that can allow access through the use of a computer programmed Proximity Card or Key FOB. The other difference is that a Keyless Access Control System is hooked up to constant power where the electronic lock usually uses 4 AA Batteries as a power source. There are many other differences that we will cover in a different article at some future time.

These are the ideal system if you need an integrated solution in a business setting that combines multiple users and multiple doors within many zones. These systems use either a Proximity Card or a Key FOB to control the areas that are and are not accessible to your employees according to how the program software is set up and according to how their card or FOB is also programmed.

Available on the market are systems that will only operate one door, two doors or a system that will operate a multitude of doors and capable of handling 100,000 Card Access Cards or Key FOBs for very large corporations. Each Card or FOB can be individually programmed to allow access only to areas of your business operation that you determine are necessary for the Card or Key FOB holder.

Most single door proximity systems allow one door to be controlled and provide for up to 500 users on that door. They use either a proximity card or a users code that is punched in on a keypad for access to the area protected by the system. These systems are usually on some type of battery backup and the system owner can generate an Audit Trail in order to view who has used the system to enter the facility on what date and at what time as well.

Some systems allow for time zones to be set up so that 24 hour access is not possible. Access can be restricted to any time period that is required by the system administrator. A timezone feature usually allows each day of the week to be individually programmed to suit the specific requirements for each individual application. These systems are designed to hold information about the cardholders that have access to the area.

The more sophisticated systems will also allow the control of elevators. In a very large company, these systems can be invaluable at restricting access only to those allowed to access certain areas while keeping others out.

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