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Lock And Key

Lock And Key

Here we present answers to lock questions that we are frequently asked.

Our locksmiths are asked by clients and potential clients what a lock rekey is and do they need to have one performed. A lock rekey basically changes the key that currently operates your lock to a new and different key. It is every bit as effective as putting a new lock on your door.

It would be a good idea to have your lock rekeyed if you just moved into a new house or townhouse. If you are a landlord renting out apartments or a basement apartment then it would be a good idea to have the locks rekeyed to stop entry by your previous tenant.

If you are a landlord and are renting out a unit to a new tenant then you must change the keys that operate the locks. Another reason to have your locks rekeyed would be if you and your spouse are separating and there is a threat to person or property.

Most clients want to know how long it takes to rekey a lock cylinder and what is involved.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to rekey each lock cylinder. This includes the time that it takes to remove the lock from the door and then place it back on the door when the rekeying process is complete. Our locksmith usually removes all the lock cylinders and then rekeys them all at once.

Removing all the lock cylinders from the doors at the same time helps to speed up the lock rekey process. This in turn saves our clients in increased labour costs.

Once the locks are all removed from your doors our locksmith will begin the rekey process. First new keys will be cut that are different than your old keys. He will then disassemble each lock cylinder individually and change the bottom pins in the lock cylinder.

The bottom pins will correspond with the depths of the cuts in the new key. This will render your old key useless and effectively lock anyone out who has the old key.

We are sometimes asked if we can make all the locks work with one key. In some instances that is possible and it is a great convenience to not have to fumble through a few different keys to find the one that actually does operate the lock.

We can definitely make the same key operate all of your locks if they are made by the same manufacturer. The manufacturer name is usually stamped into the face of the lock or the plate that is on the edge of the door associated with the lock may have the name on it.

Even if your locks are made by different companies, it is still possible to make them all work with one key and that can be established once our service technician arrives at your property.

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